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Discover more than 500 kilometres of walks, bike rides or car rides in the municipalities of Floreffe, Gembloux, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Sambreville and Sombreffe.

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Nature walk: François' donkeys

A return to the roots in family!

A nature walk with two donkeys and François, a certified nature guide from the Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique.

“In a world where everything goes fast, where we often miss the essential, let’s go back to simple things for a walk. You will be the donkeys. Let yourself be guided by the rhythm of the donkeys and François’ naturalist explanations. Let’s go together in contact with the animal and with Nature. This outing will delight young and old alike by its simplicity, its conviviality and its return to the roots, so much put aside nowadays and yet so important… Have a good walk, let yourself be guided, let’s take the time… at the rhythm of the donkeys. “

Practical information :

1h30, 2h30, birthdays, 1/2 day, full day and even 2 days and one night in a tipee tent
Nature courses 9-12, teenagers and adults
All information and prices on www.lesanesdefrancois.be
WONDERBOX accepted

Donkey rides - Les Compagnons des Prés ASBL

During the summer season, “Les Compagnons des Prés ASBL” proposes an activity of walks and hikes with donkeys. This activity is aimed at all those who want to discover another facet of the region of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. We welcome families, nature lovers and hikers.

“The donkey is one of the best travelling companions man has ever found: strength, intelligence, willpower and humour are its main qualities. It is naturally sociable and takes care of what is entrusted to it (it is common for a pack donkey to stop when its cargo falls). Moreover, it is at ease on all grounds and its step encourages the observation of nature and the landscape. It is therefore the ideal companion for a walk in nature. “

4 circuits are proposed:

  • 5 km
  • 8.2 km
  • 8.5 km
  • and 19.8 km

which will take you through the 6 villages (Floreffe; Franière; Soye; Floriffoux; Sovimont and Buzet) of the Floreffe entity.

More info and information on www.lescompagnonsdespres.be

Free walks with commentary - Jean Sandron

Jean Sandron offers free guided walks on a number of Sundays during the year!

On Sunday afternoons (with reservation at the latest the Thursday before the walk), he offers you the opportunity to discover nature and heritage through all the localities of the commune of Floreffe.

Do not hesitate to consult our agenda to find them and reserve your place!

Contact details :

Visit Floreffe

Guided walks - CNB La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau

The Gembloux section “La Salamandre” was created on 14 June 2010 and is part of the “Cercle des Naturalistes de Belgique”. It was later renamed “La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau”.

Why “La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau”?

Salamander: Indeed, this amphibian, which has become rare in our regions, always arouses the interest and wonder of young and old alike. It is, in itself, the symbol of a beautiful and precious nature that must be preserved at all costs.
Sambre-Orneau: The town of Gembloux, located within the territory of the Maison du Tourisme Sambre-Orneau (Floreffe, Gembloux, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Sambreville and Sombreffe), is surrounded by plots of land dedicated to agriculture, and the region has many natural treasures to discover. Moreover, the activities of the “Salamandre Sambre-Orneau” are not limited to Gembloux but essentially cover the communes of the Entre-Sambre-Orneau.
What does it offer?

It is made up of dynamic nature guides and volunteers, driven by the desire to share their knowledge and their wonder for nature. It strives to raise public awareness of environmental protection through its regular activities such as

  • Guided excursions
  • Exhibition and information stands
  • Presentations and theme evenings (biodiversity, amphibians, bats, pollinating insects,…)

You can find their activities throughout the year in the agenda on our website: www.sambre-orneau.be/agenda

Contact details :

CNB La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau


Hikes - RandoEvasion

RandoEvasion is an association of qualified professional hiking guides and mountain guides. They offer (half)-day trips (either on Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays) over a weekend or for longer periods.

RandoEvasion works all over Europe, in Belgium and of course they also organise hikes on request in Sambre-Orneau. The hiking activities are mainly focused on the discovery of remarkable sites, to meet the fauna and flora.

Contact them to organise your hike: