Having fun walking around

Want to go for a walk while having fun? Looking for a fun family activity? Do you need a challenge to go for a walk?

Find here the treasure hunts to do in Sambre-Orneau! Accessible to all, children, teenagers and adults alike, these different-style walks promise good times with family and friends!

So have fun!

Our children's notebooks

Treasure hunts (FR)

We have put together a booklet containing 5 treasure hunts for the 5 communes of our region: Floreffe, Gembloux, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Sambreville and Sombreffe. With your notebook and pencil in your pocket, go through 5 towns or villages solving riddles, something to have fun with while discovering the region. The booklet is available free of charge at the Maison du Tourisme Sambre-Orneau and in the 5 Tourist Offices and Tourist Information Centres of Sambre-Orneau -> ideal for a fun and free family activity!

For solutions, click on the link at the bottom of this page 😉

Discovery notebooks (FR)

Several discovery booklets for children allow you to learn more about some of the nuggets of our territory: Floreffe, its dovecote and its cave, Gembloux and its town centre, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and its Spy cave, and finally the small rural village of Boignée in the heart of the commune of Sombreffe.

Go to the Maison du Tourisme or to the Tourist Office of the commune to get the different booklets and a pencil to write your answers 🙂

Carnet colombier
Carnet grotte Floreffe
Gembloux Carnet enfant cover
Carnet Jemeppe EHOS
Carnet Boignée

Our Totemus treasure hunts (FR)

Totemus are free online treasure hunts. In concrete terms, they are fun walks whose route is revealed to you as you go along on your smartphone as soon as you answer the questions you are asked in relation to what you see on your way.

All you need is a smartphone and mobile data, download the Totemus application and create an account (it’s all FREE). Then select a treasure hunt according to the location, and off you go! There are treasure hunts all over Wallonia, so go on an adventure and look for the totems!

Balâtre and Saint-Martin

In the commune of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, come for “Village stops at Balâtre and Saint-Martin“, two picturesque villages that are worth a visit.

5 km route – Start: Church of Balâtre


In the commune of Sombreffe, the small village of Boignée has kept its charm at every corner. Go to “In the heart of the small village of Boignée” to enjoy the calm of the countryside and win the totem pole!

3.6 km route – Start: Rue de la Place 126


In the commune of Gembloux, “Si Grand-Leez m’était conté” (If Grand-Leez was told to me) takes you on a discovery of its mill, several chapels and its pond of course! A great way to combine nature and heritage while solving the riddles 😉 And what if you took the opportunity to have a picnic?

6.6 km route – Start: Rue de la Place


In the municipality of Floreffe, why not treat yourself to “A moment in Soye“? We propose a route that takes you through the main points of interest of the village and its most beautiful corner of nature, the pond of Soye. Don’t forget your camera 😉

5.7 km route – Start: Place de l’Europe


In the municipality of Sambreville, “Relive the history of Tamines” by remembering the massacre of 22 August 1914 and discovering some beautiful heritage surprises. This urban route is accessible to pushchairs and people with reduced mobility.

4 km route – Start: Saint-Martin Church

Applications de téléphone les agronautes
How about an interactive walk to meet the little people and their magical beings at the Faculty of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech? Grab your smartphone, download the application and go for a fun walk in the botanical garden, the arboretum and the emblematic places of the former Gembloux Abbey. Become an Agronaut and explore the living world in search of a better understanding of ecosystems. Alone or in a group, this walk is suitable for children and adults and offers two different modes: an interactive story and a game of riddles.


Looking for an unusual, high-tech activity?

Armed with your smartphone or a GPS, become a treasure hunter and go in search of small boxes hidden by others in order to discover a church, a remarkable building or an unusual place. All you have to do is follow the coordinates indicated. A great way to walk in the fresh air and to (re)discover a region with family or friends! Many caches offer great discoveries: Sombreffe Castle, Floreffe Tower, the RAVeL, etc.