The nodes

Green and white signs are popping up all over our beautiful region… It’s the network of node points that is being set up in the Province of Namur! Does it ring a bell? Follow the guide!

Thanks to the network of knots, cyclists can put together their own route according to their ability and with complete freedom.

The knot points consist of sections of road between 5 and 8 km long, linking landmarks identified by a number. The whole system forms a large “spider’s web” that extends throughout Belgium and abroad. On the ground, each number is marked by a beacon installed at each road intersection.

On a map or a route planner, you can easily build your route by marking the sections that are marked with a distance. You then write down the numbers to follow and, once on your bike, you no longer need a map or GPS, you follow the markers. The network can be used in both directions and is infinitely variable, even during the journey.

Good news! In Sambre-Orneau, the signposting has already been installed on the various sections.
The route planner will soon integrate our territory, and a paper map will follow later. Just a little more patience…

Plan your ride

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