Walloon routes

Our territory is crossed by several international and regional routes. You can find them on our downloadable tourist map. Here are some more explanations about these different tourist routes.

RAVeL, or Autonomous Slow Lane Network

Ravel 1 = Eurovélo 3

The towpaths along the Sambre will take you through a landscape that is sometimes industrial and sometimes rural. The route links Charleroi to Namur. A nice discovery on this route is Floreffe, with a visit to its abbey or a refreshment on board the barge Carpe Diem.

Ravel 2 = Ligne 147

This route connects the village of Ligny with Gembloux. Don't miss a visit to the Ligny 1815 Museum and a view of the magnificent feudal castle of Sombreffe. Once in Gembloux, take a walk from Sauvenière to Grand-Leez via the pretty castle-farm of Petit-Leez which houses an art gallery.

Cycle routes


EuroVélo is the network of European cycle routes, comprising 15 long-distance routes that cross several countries. In Sambre-Orneau, you can find EuroVélo 3, on the same route as Ravel 1.

Rando-vélo (RV)

Rando-Vélo is a network of signposted cycle routes in Wallonia. Follow the two horizontal lines, yellow and blue, on the trees, posts, walls, rocks, etc.

  • RVU (university) Gembloux <> Louvain-la-Neuve <> Leuven
  • RV6 Lille <> Tournai <> Soignies Villers-la-Ville <> Sombreffe <> Jemeppe-sur-Sambre <> Floreffe <> Namur <> Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • RV10 Brussels <> Louvain-la-Neuve <> Namur
  • RV8 Tournai <> Mons <> Charleroi <> Sambreville <> Floreffe <> Namur <> Liège <> Fagnes <> Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Regional routes

Wallonia has 10 regional long-distance routes, with themes such as beer and carnivals. In Sambre-Orneau, you can follow the W4 "Canals, rivers and streams", and the W6 "Au fil de l'eau" which follows a section of the Ravel 2.

Walking routes

The GR long-distance hiking network (GR)

The GR are more than 5,000 km of marked routes in Wallonia and Brussels for walkers! Sambre-Orneau is crossed by 3 GR: the 125 (Tour de l'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse), the 126 (De Brussegem à la Semois) and the 412 (Sentier des terrils).

Historic routes

Napoleon route

Discover the last of the imperial roads, historic towns and villages and a diverse architectural, cultural and landscape heritage. Take the time to stop and admire these remarkable sites.

Santiago de Compostela

Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela is an itinerary that knows no boundaries, either in time or space. In Sambre-Orneau, the route of Santiago de Compostela shares the GR 126.

Roman road

The Roman road from Bavay to Cologne, which dates back more than 2000 years, also passes through the Sambre-Orneau region, namely in the towns of Sombreffe and Gembloux. At the time, this road was of great strategic, commercial and civilising value. Today, it can be explored on foot or by bicycle!