Floreffe Abbey beers


In the Moulin-Brasserie at Floreffe Abbey, visitors can taste abbey products, including Floreffe beers and cheese. The brewing takes place at the Lefebvre brewery in Quenast and is inspired by the know-how of the monks. The Floreffe Blonde (6 .5°) is brewed using well water and spring barley. A subtle blend of hop flowers lends it bitterness. The Foreffe Double (6.5°) is a lovely brown colour and has a malty taste created by a skilful balance of special malts. The Floreffe Prima Melior (8°) was the cuvée reserved by the Father Abbot for his guests. This is a dense brown beer enhanced by seasonings such as aniseed and coriander. It pairs well with cheese and can be used to prepare rabbit dishes. Finally, the Floreffe Triple (7.5°) owes its name to its high density and deep taste. Beers available in 15- and 30-L barrels and in 33- and 75-cl bottles.

Products on sale in the shop. Open from the first weekend in February to the end of December, from 1.00 pm until 6.00 pm during the week and until 7.00 pm at the weekend. (Closed on Mondays.)

Rue du Séminaire, 7 - 5150 Floreffe