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Explore over 500 kilometres of walks, cycle rides and drives in the communes of Floreffe, Gembloux, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Sambreville and Sombreffe.

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Tourist map: Terre d’Escales (Land of stopovers)

Find and consult all the cultural routes, walks and hikes as well as the points of interest in our region at a glance thanks to our new roving tourist map Terre d’Escales! From bike hire to leisure sites and attractions, including the instagrammable beauty spots in our lovely region, welcome to Sambre-Orneau!

"Bikes Welcome” label

Our offices have the “Bikes Welcome” label so as to best meet the specific needs of cyclists who come in to see us! Cyclist friends, small repair kit and first-aid kit, as well as maps indicating cycling routes are available from us!



The towpaths along the banks of the Sambre reveal a landscape that is now industrial, now rural. The route takes in two fine discoveries: a visit to Floreffe abbey and the arrival at the Grognon, the cultural plaza and digital port in Namur

RAVel 2 > ligne 147

This route links a number of villages including Ligny to Sombreffe through fields. Be sure to visit the Ligny 1815 Museum and see the magnificent feudal castle of Sombreffe. Once you reach Gembloux, go from Sauvenière to Grand-Leez, passing by the pretty fortified farm of Petit-Leez, home to an art gallery, and stop to see the Defrenne mill. Then continue on your way to the village of Thorembais-Saint-Trond.

  • RVU Gembloux <> Louvain-la-Neuve <> Leuven
  • RV6 Lille <> Tournai <> Gembloux <> Floreffe <> Namur <> Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • RV8 Tournai <> Mons <> Charleroi <> Floreffe <> Namur <> Liège <> Fagnes <> Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • RV10 Brussels <> Namur starting from youth hostels (Jacques Brel and Pieter Breugel in Brussels, Félicien Rops in Namur). Route 82, alternative to the N4 (main road). Go through: Sauvenière, Grand-Leez and Lonzée.

Places to linger and visit: Defrenne mill and Petit Leez castle

Rando vélo

These circuits intended for cyclists cross the Entre-Sambre-et-Orneau region and are waymarked by two horizontal lines, yellow and blue, on trees, posts, walls, rocks, etc.

Organised trips

Nature trips : François' donkeys

Back to basics as a family!

A trip through the countryside with two donkeys and François, a certified Nature Guide with the environmental organisation Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique.

“In a world where everything is fast, where we often miss out on what really matters, let’s go back to the simple things of life as we take this trip. You will be the donkey drivers. Be guided by the pace of the donkey as you listen to François explain nature to you. Together, let’s go and meet animals and nature. This outing will delight young and old alike with its simplicity and its friendliness, going back to the basics that we so often miss out on these days yet that are so important… Have a good trip. Just follow the guide. Let’s take our time…at the pace of the donkeys.”

Practical details:

  • Formulas lasting 1.30 hours or 2.30 hours, birthdays, half-day, full day and even a formula lasting two days and one night in a teepee tent.
  • Nature camps 9-12, teenagers and adults

Full details and prices on www.lesanesdefrancois.be

WONDERBOX accepted

Donkey rides - Les Compagnons des Prés ASBL

During the summer, the non-profit association Les Compagnons des Prés organises walks and hikes in the company of donkeys. This activity is intended for everyone who wants to discover the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region a different way. We welcome families, nature lovers and hikers.

“The donkey is one of the best travelling companions man has ever found: their main qualities are strength, intelligence, willingness and temper. They are naturally sociable and take care of the burdens entrusted to them. (It is common for a donkey carrying a pack to stop when its load falls). In addition, they can cross any terrain easily and at a pace that allows you to observe nature and the landscape. So they are the perfect companion for a trip through the countryside.”

Four circuits are available:

  • 5 km
  • 2 km
  • 5 km
  • and 19.8 km

which will take you through the six villages (Floreffe, Franière, Soye, Floriffoux Sovimont and Buzet) in the entity of Floreffe.

More details and information on: http://www.lescompagnonsdespres.be

Free walks with commentary - Jean Sandron

On certain Sundays in the year, Jean Sandron offers free walks with a commentary!

He offers to go out with you on Sunday afternoons (upon reservation at the latest the Thursday before the walk) to explore the nature and heritage of all the places that make up the commune of Floreffe.

Feel free to consult our programme to find them and book your place!

Contact details:

Visit Floreffe

Guided walks - CNB La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau

The Gembloux section, La Salamandre, was created on 14 June 2010 and is part of the Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique. It was later renamed La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau.

Why La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau (The Sambre-Orneau Salamander)?

  • Salamander: This amphibian, now rarely seen in our regions, always arouses interest and wonder among young and old alike>. All by itself, it symbolises beautiful, precious nature that must be preserved at all costs.
  • Sambre-Orneau: The town of Gembloux, which lies within the area covered by the Sambre-Orneau Tourist Office (Floreffe, Gembloux, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Sambreville and Sombreffe), is surrounded by plots of land given over to agriculture and the region is home to many natural treasures that are well worth discovering. In addition, the activities organised by the Salamandre Sambre-Orneau are not confined to Gembloux but basically take place across the communes of the Entre-Sambre-Orneau region.

What does it offer?

  • It is made up of nature guides and dynamic volunteers prompted by the desire to share their knowledge and wonder of nature. They strive to increase public awareness of the need to protect the environment through regular activities such as:
  • Guided outings
  • Exhibition and information stands
  • Themed talks and evenings (biodiversity, amphibians, bats, pollinating insects, etc.)

You will find details of their activities organised throughout the year in the programme on our website: www.sambre-orneau.be/agenda

Contact details: 

CNB La Salamandre Sambre-Orneau


Hikes - RandoEvasion

RandoEvasion is an association of qualified professional hiking guides-escorts and mountaineering guides-escorts. They arrange trips lasting a full or half day (on Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays), a weekend or longer periods.

RandoEvasion works all over Europe, including in Belgium, and of course they also organise hikes upon request in Sambre-Orneau. The hiking activities focus mainly on exploring outstanding sites and discovering flora and fauna.

Contact them to organise your hike:


Historic routes

Napoleon route

In the area around the last of the imperial routes, discover historic towns and villages as well as a wide variety of architectural, cultural and landscape heritage. And take the time to stop and admire these remarkable sites.

N.B.: To download the GPX, click on the button below and then press the ‘Option’ button in the new window in the top right of the page.

Way of St. James

Following the GR126 route, pilgrims and hikers will link the Via Brabantica to the Via Monastica, two main paths through Belgium.

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Roman road

The Bavay-Cologne Roman road dating back over 2,000 years also goes through the Sambre-Orneau region, specifically in Sombreffe and Gembloux. In Roman Times, this road was of great strategic, commercial and civilising value. Today it is used by walkers and cyclists!

N.B.: To download the GPX, click on the button below and then press the ‘Option’ button in the new window in the top right of the page.


Fancy experiencing an out-of-the-ordinary and high-tech activity?

Armed with your smartphone or a sat nav, become a treasure hunter and go off in search of little containers hidden by others to help you discover a church, an outstanding building or an unusual spot. Simply follow the coordinates displayed. A great way to walk in the open air and (re)discover a region as a family or with friends! Numerous caches lead to marvellous discoveries: Sombreffe castle, Floreffe tower, the RAVeL (network of non-motorised paths) and more.